Pre-Qualify & Score Leads
Like Never Before

How many hours a week is your team wasting on bad leads?

Your Qualification Flow.
Fully Automated.

We don’t offer superficial lead enrichment from public data sources. We get the REAL answers your team needs to qualify, disqualify, and route.

We Ask Prospects.

Caddie is a self-guided qualification flow that can capture all the data you need before jumping on a call.

A Qualification Track for Every Buyer Persona.

Capture everything you need to qualify, disqualify and make the 1st call, a great call.

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Improve Conversion
by 15-30% in just 1 month.

Caddie allows your team to quickly disqualify bad leads and be better prepared for the great ones.

Each rep saves 3+ hours a week
Bad leads are disqualified, freeing up reps to work on great leads.
First call conversion goes up by 15%+
Reps come prepared, with the right assets, and ready to win.
60% more likely to uncover real painpoints
The 1st call is now focused on real painpoints, not the basics.

Your Qualification. Our Flow.

You know your business. Simply plug in your qualification questions into Caddie and automate your flow.

Feed your data anywhere.

No matter where you hold your source of truth, we can plug and play.

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Our demo flow will give an idea of what we can do, but it’s just a taste. Our workflows are highly configurable to fit your sales motion.
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