Lead Scoring, from Real Insights.

No vanity metrics. No fake buyer signals. Caddie uses your qualification framework (e.g. MEDDPICC) to evaluate real lead scores.

Evaluate Leads Like Never Before.

We help sales and marketing teams spot the winners and get the REAL insights your team needs to qualify, disqualify and route effectively.

Logic & AI-Powered Scoring
Two powerful ways to score leads.
Bring your own qualification methodology.
Real-Time Scoring & Routing
Identify winning leads and route them affectively.

Our Secret Sauce: We Ask!

Caddie gives you a self-guided qualification flow that captures all the data you need to score effectively.

We Ask Prospects.

Caddie is a self-guided qualification flow that can capture all the data you need before jumping on a call.

Your Qualification Flow.
Now Automated.

You know your business. Simply plug in your qualification questions into Caddie and turn it into powerful lead scores.

Logic Scoring

Create simple and complex rules that drive your scoring. Leverage our pre-built qualification frameworks like BANT, MEDDPICC and others.

AI-Powered Scoring

Logic is great, but the golden nuggets are sometimes hard to spot. We analyse historical conversion data to identify the patterns that make leads stand out.

Feed your data anywhere.

No matter where you hold your source of truth, we can plug and play.

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